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Nanoscribe produces laser lithography systems, allowing for the fabrication of true three-dimensional micro- and nanostructures based on two photon polymerization in UV-curable photoresists. Specifically designed IP-photoresists contribute to the unique performance in 3D microfabrication. The underlying technology of Direct Laser Writing (DLW) is a powerful platform for a variety of applications such as micro-optics, photonics, (opto-)electronics, material research as well as life sciences.

As market and technology leader, Photonic Professional DLW systems are successfully in use throughout Europe, Asia as well as America.

3D Photonics: Photonic crystal of cubic symmetry
3D Photonics: Photonic light director
3D Photonics: Field of bi-chiral photonic crystals
3D Mechanical Microstructures: Ultralight matrices formed of micro-trusses
Life Sciences: Two-component artificial scaffolds for controlled cell culture
Life Sciences: Cardiomiocytes in 3D environment
Microfluidics: Tailored filter inside a microfluidic channel
Casting: Photonic metamaterials with subsequent electroplating
MEMS: Magnetic helical micromachines
3D Rapid Prototyping: 1mm tall structure by means of Dip-in Laser Lithography
2.5D Micro-Optics: Micro-pyramids
Telecommunication: Photonic wire bond for chip-to-chip interconnects

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  • Job Offers

    Nanoscribe is growing! Our current job vacancies can be found here...

  • Newsletter (July 2013)
    Newsletter (July 2013)

    In the summer edition of this newsletter we present interesting information about the fabrication of macro-objects, a publication of the University of Bristol and news about our software release NanoWrite. "News & Reviews" is available for download as PDF document or by following this link.


  • New Application Flyer Online
    New Application Flyer Online

    Our new application flyer demonstrates the wide field of applications of Photonic Professional systems. It presents research results of our customers by using Nanoscribe´s laser-lithography systems. The flyer is available for download. For more information click here.


  • Newsletter (March 2013)
    Newsletter (March 2013)

    In the March-edition of "News and Reviews" we are pleased to present our next-generation direct laser writing system, Photonic Professional GT. Further topics are: Recent application within the field of biomimitics and the revision of our native print-job editor DeScribe 2.0. The newsletter is available for download as PDF document or by following this link. 



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