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Using Nanoscribe's laser lithography systems is designed to be straight forward and easy. However, sometimes the devil is in the detail and an immediate solution is required to keep the process running. In some cases, the answers to the questions are well-known since other users have faced similar problems before.

To provide a quick support on software and programming issues for our customers, we introduced two platforms:

  1. The online knowledge base which aims at stimulating discussions among our customers and interested people to share their experiences. There, you have the opportunity to place your own questions and discuss the questions of other customers without the need of registration. Of course, our service team moderates the boards to ensure the correctness of answers.
  2. An online remote support by using the awarded Netviewer software. This remote client does not require a software installation at the customer's computer. You rather enter a session number and your name in the webpage form. This allows us to control your local PC directly from our production facility.

Of course, you can also contact our service team directly by E-Mail, i.e., or by phone +49 721 60 82 88 45.

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