Nanoscribe GmbH - True 3D Laser Lithography
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Innovative strategies and technological development often arise during the vital exchange of experience with competent partners. Currently, Nanoscribe is a member of the following interdisciplinary networks:

  • CyberForum

    CyberForum is one of the biggest and most successfull regional hightech-company-networks in Germany. Under the motto "From network for network" experiences and know-how can be exchanged.

  • nanoValley stands for an initiative of enterprises, research institutions and business promotors whose goal is to develop a Trinational European Technology Region Germany/France/Switzerland), represented internationally with placement within the global competition of the technology regions.

  • Photonics BW
    Photonics BWPhotonics BW is a competence network for supporting and promoting optical technologies in Baden-Württemberg. A further goal is stengthening international competitiveness of its members.

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