Congratulations to 200th Birthday of Carl Zeiss!

September 14, 2016

3D miniature Zeiss microscope

Congratulations to ZEISS Group to the 200th birthday of their founder, Carl Zeiss! To honor him and his achievements, Zeiss celebrated this anniversary last weekend in Jena with more than 50,000 visitors. Our gift was probably one of the smallest. A 3D miniature of a Zeiss microscope from the year 1871 with a height of only 2 mm, printed with Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional GT making use of Carl Zeiss designed optics.


Job Offers

September 7, 2016

To transfer our products’ capabilities appealingly and to expand our global market leadership, we are looking to fill several job positions in marketing and sales. Become a real technology and product evangelist and establish with us a key technology of the 21st century as novel standard!
Find out more here: Job offers

Newsletter (August 2016)

August 18, 2016

Enjoy the latest issue of our newsletter packed with information to keep you up-to-date about Nanoscribe and 3D micro printing.

News and Reviews August 2016.jpg

Learn more about 3D printing in regards to the mega trends individualization and miniaturization; as well as how the field of plasmonics can benefit from 3D micro printing. We also tell you, why you can find now both in Abu Dhabi: tallest buildings and smallest objects.


Application Note on Plasmonics

July 28, 2016

Resilient 3D hierarchical metamaterial Julia Greer.jpg

The field of plasmonics is about harnessing light using (mostly metallic) nanostructures.

Given the most widespread fabrication methods, these nanostructures are typically planar. However, 3D designs can, given the right approaches, also be fabricated and often have interesting properties as shown in our new Application Note.

Nanoscribe Co-Founder ranks among the best “Innovators under 35”

July 11, 2016

In the German MIT Technology Review competition, our Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer (CSO) Dr. Michael Thiel was chosen one of 10 “Innovators under 35”.

Michael Thiel Nanoscribe.jpg

This honors pioneers for years now, each of them developing solutions for major global challenges through a variety of approaches. With the excellent performance features, precision and multitude of applications of the Photonic Professional GT, Nanoscribe has established itself as market leader in the field of 3D printing on the micrometer scale within just a few years. Read a portrait about Michael Thiel at the Innovators Under 35 Page.