October 20, 2016

The DAY OF PHOTONICS is celebrated all over the world on 21st October, 2016: A biennial event that promotes photonics towards the general public. On the occasion of this event, we’d like to show you what’s possible with our 3D printers in the fields of photonics and plasmonics.

Nanoscribe Co-Founder is awarded Prize for Interdisciplinary Research Achievement

October 19, 2016

Erwin-Schroeding-Prize 2016

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Martin Bastmeyer, Prof. Christopher Barner-Kowollik and our co-founder Prof. Dr. Martin Wegener on receiving the Erwin-Schrödinger-Prize for outstanding interdisciplinary research work! The researchers from Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) developed a method to build flexible and three-dimensional micro structures for breading and researching cell cultures.
Read more here: KIT Press Release
A video about their research in German can be found here: Erwin-Schrödinger-Preis 2016 (YouTube)

Mini Gift for HeKKSaGOn Conference

October 5, 2016

Nanoscribe has once again managed to make a big impact with a tiny present: As part of the HeKKSaGOn conference, which took place from September 29-30 in Karlsruhe, Japanese university presidents were given a 3D-printed miniature replication of the Karlsruhe landmark, a pyramid only 2 mm in height. For some special trickery we printed the logos of HeKKSaGOn, KIT, and Nanoscribe on the sides of the pyramid.

HeKKSaGOn is an acronym for the six participating universities: Heidelberg, Kyoto, Karlsruhe, Sendai, Göttingen, Osaka. The German/Japanese University Network was founded in 2010. The aim is to develop common ideas in education, research, and innovation to strengthen international cooperation in the fields of science, technology, economy, and culture.




left: The sides of this 3D-printed miniature replication of the Karlsruhe pyramid features the logos of HeKKSaGOn, KIT, and Nanoscribe. It has a total height of only 2 mm.

right: Presentation of the Nanoscribe gift to the Japanese university presidents during the HeKKSaGOn Conference 2016 (from left: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Eitel (President of the University of Heidelberg), Prof. Dr. Juichi Yamagiwa (President of the University of Kyoto), Professor Dr. Holger Hanselka (President of the KIT), Prof. Dr. Susumu Satomi (President of the University of Tohoku), Prof. Dr. Ulrike Beisiegel (President of the University of Göttingen), Prof. Dr. Shojiro Nishio (President of the University of Osaka) (Photo: Magali Hauser, KIT)

Congratulations to 200th Birthday of Carl Zeiss!

September 14, 2016

3D miniature Zeiss microscope

Congratulations to ZEISS Group to the 200th birthday of their founder, Carl Zeiss! To honor him and his achievements, Zeiss celebrated this anniversary last weekend in Jena with more than 50,000 visitors. Our gift was probably one of the smallest. A 3D miniature of a Zeiss microscope from the year 1871 with a height of only 2 mm, printed with Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional GT making use of Carl Zeiss designed optics.


Job Offers

September 7, 2016

To transfer our products’ capabilities appealingly and to expand our global market leadership, we are looking to fill several job positions in marketing and sales. Become a real technology and product evangelist and establish with us a key technology of the 21st century as novel standard!
Find out more here: Job offers