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Micro-sights of the world: Statue of Liberty, Brandenburg Gate, Eiffel towerAs market and technology leader, we support science and industry with high-tech solutions for true three-dimensional (3D) nano- and microfabrication.

Our product portfolio covers both laser lithography systems for 3D micro- and nanostructures based on two photon polymerization as well as specifically designed IP-photoresists. In order to provide a complete solution, we additionally offer know-how in casting of 3D structures, e.g., into metals or semi-conductors.

Nanoscribe Photonic Professional is our compact, user-friendly table-top Direct Laser Writing (DLW) system, originally developed for the high demands of photonics. It is our mission to unify precision and quality in one user-friendly system. We secure the highest degree of automation and reproducibility while maintaining the flexibility necessary for a broad range of applications. The Photonic Professional DLW systems are modular and individually customized.

With the next generation of our 3D laser lithography systems, Photonic Professional GT, we provide a fast and powerful platform for micro- and nanofabrication demands up to the third dimension. By means of galvo technology, the layer printing process is accelerated by two orders of magnitude for typical structural designs. 

The software package comprises the control interface to the laser lithography system NanoWrite, the CAD-data-format STL converter tool Nanoslicer, and the editor DeScribe for syntax-highlighted programming in GWL - the system’s native scripting language. An intuitive user interface together with software compatibility to CAD data format (STL and DXF) guarantee easy handling.

In order to complete the process chain, we supply our customers with high-performance IP-photoresists: IP-L (780), IP-G (780) as well as IP-Dip. These negative-tone photoresists assure highest resolution combined with simplicity of use and are optimized for the process of multi photon absorption.

Wherever appropriate and possible, we intend to make software- and hardware upgrades compatible for already installed systems. This includes, among others, a variety of objectives and processes, e.g. our release of Dip-in Laser Lithography (DiLL) in 2011. Please consult us for assistance if you have specific wishes or ideas.

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