News and Reviews (August 2012)

Zeiss Axio Observer

AxioObserver_ohne_Logo3.jpgWhat have the Brandenburg Gate, the Statue of Liberty and a microscope in common? Of course nothing by nature!
However, when fabricated by direct laser writing and looked at with bare eyes, they appear to be identical just like three small grains. The scanning electron microscope Zeiss Ultra Plus distinguishes between them and reveals their full structural details. Shown on the right is a miniature of a Carl Zeiss Axio Observer, one of the core components of the Photonic Professional. With a height of merely 150 µm, it is the smallest Zeiss microscope ever produced. Although non-functional it demonstrates impressively the capability of 3D Laser Lithography.
Carl Zeiss holds about 40% of Nanoscribe’s shares. The miniature Axio Observer has found its place right next to famous sights of the world, such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.