News and Reviews (August 2016)

Big Challenge: 3D Printing and Plasmonics

AppNote_Plasmonics_pdf.jpgPlasmonics is all about harnessing light using tailored (mostly metallic) nanostructures. Often, these are planar due to the widespread use of electron beam lithography (and sometimes direct laser writing) for maskless lithography. However, a Photonic Professional GT system can just as well perform the lithography, and can in addition be used to create 2.5D polymer nano-/micro-structures that can be metallized using, for example, an evaporation process. The bigger design freedom in this approach allows for interesting new properties and functionalities.

To learn more about how 3D design freedom can benefit plasmonics, take a look at our new application note "Plasmonics".

Plasmonics_03.jpg Plasmonics_04.jpg

left: Fabrication of hollow pyramids with apertures of varying sizes and subsequent coating with a thin gold film on different substrates including a copper grid.
right: The Photonic Professional GT enables patterning of polymer serving as an etch mask on a gold layer covering an area of tens of mm².