News and Reviews (August 2016)

User Meeting at Harvard University

Great atmosphere among the attendees of the US User Meeting 2016

In June, our first user meeting on American soil took place at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Working in collaboration with Harvard’s Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS), which makes a Photonic Professional GT system available both to internal and external users in its multi-user facility, we invited our customers to share information about new software and hardware features in the course of a two-day get-together. During the user-oriented seminars, numerous options for 2D and 3D structuring were demonstrated. The technological possibilities range from the manufacturing of extremely high-resolution mesoscale objects to applications in photonics and plasmonics, requiring structure sizes of just a few hundred nanometers.
In a series of presentations, system users presented their latest research findings in the areas of photonics, plasmonics and materials science. With two days of networking, technical workshops, scientific lectures, poster sessions and a laboratory tour through the CNS, the event really appealed to participants with its great variety. The conference agenda was topped off by a picturesque evening tour along the Charles River and a sunset dinner.

"Very nice user meeting! Thank you for organizing it" (Dr. Lucas Meza, Caltech)

Nanoscribe_Usermeeting2016_28.jpg Nanoscribe_Usermeeting2016_74.jpg
Nanoscribe_Usermeeting2016_19.jpg Nanoscribe_Usermeeting2016_68.jpg

top left: Talk by our customer Dr. Lucas Meza (Caltech)
top right: Customer talk by Prof. Debashis Chanda, University of Central Florida
bottom left: The 2-day seminar offered a varied technical program
bottom right: Sunset tour along the Charles River