News and Reviews (Januar 2014)

DeScribe 2.1

Implementation of many new features in the current software release

DeScribe is our custom development tool for creating and editing files of Nanoscribe’s proprietary General Writing Language (GWL).  Recently we released the new version DeScribe 2.1 which greatly improves on the previous version and simplifies the workflow with Photonic Professional (GT) systems with many exciting new features. These new features include the import and conversion of STL files, the improved 3D preview and a GWL debugger.

With DeScribe 2.1 you can open and convert STL files into the native GWL format which NanoWrite uses for fabrication.  STL files with holes and other mesh errors are automatically corrected by a powerful mesh repair feature before proceeding with the conversion through a convenient and feature-rich import wizard that provides visual feedback over the current state and set of parameters.
This vastly exceeds the possibilities of the predecessor NanoSlicer tool with many new options and significant improvements in terms of robustness and speed.

The new GWL debugger is a valuable development tool that helps to locate and correct programming mistakes in complex hand-written GWL code. It is targeted at users who program structures in GWL and regularly employ advanced language features like variables and loop constructs.

It allows to step through GWL script line by line updating the preview in real-time. Additionally to reporting syntax errors the debugger will perform consistency checks on the successfully compiled script and reports non-critical warnings about potential programming mistakes, e.g. doubly defined variables. Errors and warnings are both displayed in the error list.

DeScribe 2.1 renders lines and points as three dimensional objects representing the shape of the actual writing result offering a close approximation of what your designed structures will look like after writing.

What you see is what you get!

Our service team will be happy to assist you with upgrading to DeScribe 2.1.

Describe 2.1
The import tool for STL files segments meshes into printable slices.

Describe 2.1
The improved 3D preview renders lines and points as three dimensional objects.