News and Reviews (Juni 2016)

Mexiko jetzt auch Nanoscribe Nutzer

Latin America has got its first 3D printer for the micro scale and is now running at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) in Mexico City. The latest generation of Photonic Professional GT has been installed at UNAM at the beginning of the year, is working at the Laboratorio Nacional de Soluciones Biomiméticas para Diagnóstico y Terapia (LaNSBioDyT) and is used for applications in microfluidics, sensors, life sciences, photonics and THz metamaterials.

We welcome our Mexican customers and look forward to their exciting work results.

  Nanoscribe Installation Mexico.jpg

After installation with our Field Engineer Eduardo Lozano (second from right): Happy users are ready to start working with the Photonic Professional GT at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.