News and Reviews (März 2013)

DeScribe 2.0

Complete revision of our custom editor for GWL documents

The Photonic Professional product family uses Nanoscribe’s General Writing Language (GWL) for defining threedimensional structures and automating the direct laser writing process. Our custom GWL editor Describe 1.0 has been in use for many years now and it was overdue for a major revision.

With Describe 2.0 we provide a completely new, fast and streamlined tool, rebuilt from the ground up and specially designed to simplify your workflow for GWL documents.

DeScribe 2.0 improves on familiar features like a tabbed interface for multiple documents, syntax highlighting and code completion but also introduces brand new features like a fast GWL syntax check and the fully  interactive preview window that allows you to quickly visualize your 3D structures and preview their writing process with the time slider. All user interface elements of DeScribe 2.0 can be rearranged in a very flexible docking layout system to meet the requirements of your specific workflow.

Please contact our sales representatives if you would like to receive a free trial version of DeScribe 2.0. We are certain that it will quickly become an indispensable part of your toolset.


DeScribe 2.0 features a syntax check that will help you to quickly locate and fix any syntax errors in your GWL documents. The new 3D preview allows you to rotate, zoom, or pan the resulting structure interactively. It does not only show the resulting structure, but also lets you watch an animation of the writing sequence either in simulated real time or under manual control via the time slider.