Diffractive Optical Elements

Nanoscribe’s 3D laser lithography systems Photonic Professional GT2 allow for the fabrication of multi-level diffractive optical elements (DOEs) in one single step. DOEs can generate almost arbitrary light distributions in the far-field for beam shaping, homogenizing, splitting or e.g. serving as security features. Our additive manufacturing

solution secures a simple workflow supported by smart software tools and at the same time fulfills the high axial as well as vertical resolution and positioning demands. DOEs can either be printed onto glass substrates for direct use (rapid prototyping) or used as tools for series production, starting with the 2PP printed polymer master for subsequent mass replication.

Customers both in science and industry use our equipment for the fabrication of diffractive optics.

Please contact us to evaluate our solutions for your requirements: DOE@nanoscribe.com


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