Micro Rapid Prototyping

Engineers and scientists use the technology of two-photon polymerization (2PP) to materialize their ideas in all 3 dimensions and on the microscale. However, it can also be used for rapid prototyping of millimeter-sized polymer parts with micrometer features (or smaller). Nanoscribe's 3D printer Photonic Professional GT2 embeds the 2PP-technology into a classic 3D printing workflow starting with the import of an STL model and ending with a rinse of the printed part in a development bath.

During this process, the printer software tools NanoWrite and DeScribe guide the user along the workflow with a full automated execution of the print jobs and recipes tailored for specific requirements, as well as the option of controlling every process parameter independently (if desired). Ready-to-use recipes for the time-optimized printing of bulky objects with Nanoscribe's off-the-shelf materials are also supplied.

Using these, the printing material and recipes match to adjust the voxel size quite closely to the size of the smallest to be printed feature, reducing the print time significantly. Even multi-component designs can be made with a single printing step and without further assembly, shortening the design-to-prototype times and cutting costs in rapid prototyping.


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