We make small things matter.

In 2007, a team of researchers from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) set out to rethink microfabrication. At that time, two-photon polymerization (2PP), the underlying core physics and chemistry of Nanoscribe, was a small niche research topic. The founders however recognized the potential and made 2PP based 3D printers commercially available. Providing hardware, software, materials and processes as a complete solution is the key to our customers’ success today and enabler for many applications. Hundreds of projects have been successfully worked on to provide solutions that inspire our customers.

Now, Nanoscribe has over 70 employees, operates a subsidiary in Shanghai (China) and is on the way to set up a subsidiary in the United States. Our customers are based in more than 30 countries worldwide, in science as well as in industry. As market and technology leader in our field, our 3D printers are established as fundamental tools in nano-, micro- and mesoscale fabrication.

Nanoscribe Locations
Left: Headquarters and R&D site in Eggenstein. Middle: Production and administration site in Stutensee. Right: Subsidiary in Shanghai (China). Photo: ZEISS AG

Our Mission

As the pioneer in high-precision additive manufacturing, we push the limits of 3D printing and challenge the state-of-the-art in microfabrication. We strive for excellence in order to serve the best in science and industry worldwide. We deliver smart solutions that inspire our customers and enable them to materialize ground-breaking ideas.

Values & Culture

Flat hierarchy participation and constructive, open communication on and across all levels characterize the corporate culture at Nanoscribe. Entrepreneurial thinking and responsible actions of every employee are supported and demanded. In a rapidly growing company a strong cohesion, reliability and trust are the basis for holistic and sustainable success. Our employees are committed and have deep knowledge and expertise within their fields. A positive working atmosphere and the appreciation of each individual, shape our corporate culture. Continuous improvements, disruptive innovation, and a solid strategic direction are the results of the in-depth analysis of and reflection on challenges. Teamwork and helpfulness are reflected in the quality of our solutions.