MNE18: Talks on High-Resolution and In-Chip 3D Microprinting

September 18, 2018

This year’s International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE) will be hosted in the city of Copenhagen. On September 24-27, 2018, engineers and scientists from life sciences, electronics, photonics, to materials… Read more »

Newsletter September 2018

September 13, 2018

Our September issue presents cutting-edge solutions for 3D microfabrication. We report on the wide range of printable materials and the direct integration of components onto photonic chips and MEMS systems by means of Nanoscribe… Read more »

Scientists 3D Print Diffractive X-Ray Optics

September 6, 2018

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI) in Stuttgart, Germany, have designed and printed highly efficient X-ray lenses, called kinoform zone plates, within a research project. They fabricated novel and… Read more »

Establishment of a Subsidiary in China

August 30, 2018

With the establishment of Nanoscribe China Co. Ltd., Nanoscribe strives to strengthen its sales activities in China, reinforce existing business relationships, and further expand customer services across the entire APAC region.… Read more »

Professor Alice White on Nanoscribe’s 3D Printers

August 22, 2018

“Using our Nanoscribe system we have 3D printed microstructures directly on MEMS actuators to perform precision measurements and dynamic control in a straightforward and cost-effective way” says Alice White, Professor and Chair of… Read more »