New Book Publication: Optofluidics

January 15, 2019

The recently published textbook “Optofluidics” (Rabus, Rebner, Sada) introduces the reader into the multidisciplinary area of optofluidics which combines optical elements into microfluidic devices. The book offers the foundations… Read more »

Happy New Year to all!

December 20, 2018

For 3D Microfabrication, an important year is coming to an end: Our successor model, the new Photonic Professional GT2 now bridges the gap between micro and macro 3D printing. Volumes of up to dozens cubic millimeters take shape… Read more »

3D Printed Nanophotonic Lens Improves Light Directivity

December 17, 2018

Scientists at the Dutch research institute AMOLF have developed and fabricated a 3D nanophotonic lens in collaboration with the Western University in Canada and the City University of New York in the USA. Using a Photonic… Read more »

A Broad Range of 3D Microprinting Materials

December 12, 2018

With the new Photonic Professional GT2, we also introduce the new IP-Q resin for fast mesoscale fabrication. This new addition to the IP Photoresins expands the resin options suitable for different requirements, such as submicron… Read more »

New: Photonic Professional GT2 for High-Resolution 3D Microfabrication

December 4, 2018

With the successor model Photonic Professional GT2, Nanoscribe offers new solutions for additive manufacturing and maskless lithography. Thanks to optimized hardware and software components as well as IP-Q printing material… Read more »