Application Note on Biomimetics

August 22,2017

Left: Close-up image of the highly hydrophobic surfaces of the salvinia molesta leaves. Right: SEM of the printed bioinspired replication.

In nature, plants and animals have developed smart surviving strategies, for example, in order to deceive predators, find food or attract a mate to reproduce. Living systems own particular attributes and tools that are based on millions of years of evolution and are often greatly related to their structural composition at the nano- and micrometer scale.

Scientists, engineers, and product designers learn from nature and employ their observations in the development of bioinspired systems with properties such as hydrophobicity, elasticity or coloration. In our recent application note on biomimetics, we present examples of published work on biomimicking materials that are made possible by means of Nanoscribe’s 3D printers.

Find the new application note here: Application Note Biomimetics

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