A Broad Range of 3D Microprinting Materials

December 12,2018

With the new Photonic Professional GT2, we also introduce the new IP-Q resin for fast mesoscale fabrication. This new addition to the IP Photoresins expands the resin options suitable for different requirements, such as submicron features, overhanging elements, optical-quality surfaces or high-speed mesoscale fabrication up to the macroscale.

The Photonic Professional GT2 printers work as open materials systems for a broad range of materials. IP Resins are optimized for two-photon polymerization and their use with the Nanoscribe’s 3D printers. Furthermore, other commercial UV-curable resists are suitable as well. And the range of materials extend to hydrogels, nanoparticle composite resins and custom-made materials.

However, some applications require other materials that cannot be printed directly by two-photon polymerization. For these cases, post-print processes allow to modify the 3D polymer printed parts to reach other polymers such as PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane), ceramics, metals, or glass.

Read more about materials for high-precision 3D printing and post-print processes in our Materials Overview.

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