On-Chip 3D Microprinting for Photonic and MEMS Systems

July 10,2018

3D microstructure printed on MEMS actuators (Image courtesy of Rachael Jayne and Alice White, Boston University)

The integration of microscopic components into photonic circuits and MEMS is one of today’s challenges in manufacturing and packaging. Currently, the production of photonic circuits and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) requires different manufacturing methods and multiple process steps for bringing together various components on one microchip. In sectors like telecommunication, unmanned aerial vehicles or portable medical devices more and more functional parts have to be accommodated in ever smaller spaces.

The attached video demonstrates how one can print and integrate microscopic components directly on integrated circuits and deformable structures on MEMS actuators by means of a Photonic Professional GT system. Smallest objects with complex geometry and feature sizes from hundreds of nanometers up to several millimeters can be produced in one printing step and on a scale which was inaccessible to 3D printing before. A maximum of 3D design freedom combined with a simple workflow from CAD model to final micropart result in rapid design iteration cycles saving time and costs along the product development. Solving this challenge will open new ways for commercial applications ranging from high-speed data transfer in telecommunication to mobile devices for healthcare.

A detailed press release about this forward-looking topic can be found here: Press Release: On-Chip 3D Microprinting for Photonic and MEMS Systems

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