Customer Publication: Micro-Traps to Sequester Motile Bacteria

April 27,2017

SEM picture of a microtrap

A team of Nanoscribe customers recently published a fundamental paper in the area of life sciences and microfluidics: The researchers from high-ranking universities such as ETH Zürich, MIT, and Caltech, developed a strategy to reduce the load of unwanted bacteria by confining them in 3D-printed micro-traps using micro-funnels that open into trapping chambers. Read the open access publication here! Deployable micro-traps to sequester motile bacteria


Nanoscribe Micro Traps Nanoscribe Micro Traps
Computer aided design 3D model of a micro-trap rendered in semi-transparent material, similar to the one used in the experiments, cut vertically into two halves to show the internal funnel structures. The inner volume of the structures calculated from this model is 1.72 nL. SEM image of 3D micro-traps on glass before detachment

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