Customer Talk: Using Biological Cells to Build Implants

May 9,2018

Replacing human body parts by artificial implants has fundamental drawbacks – especially for children, as their body is still growing. Our customer Maurizio Gullo, then at University of Freiburg, explains the potential of biological implants grown of human cells in this TEDx talk. These implants could overcome the current limitations of artificial ones.

Gullo and his colleagues used our 3D micro printer Photonic Professional GT to print a micro skeleton as small as a human hair. The muscle and neuron cells placed onto it grew along. By that, they finally had a micro agent that moves upon electrical stimulation and maybe in the future can be implanted in the human body.

More info in the corresponding paper: Muscle-actuated biomimetic hydrogel-based 3D microskeleton

This paper and other pioneering bio-inspired projects can be found in our Application Note Biomimetics.

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