Golden Castle for Karlsruhe

June 23,2015

These days, the city of Karlsruhe located in Baden-Württemberg in Germany has started to celebrate its 300th anniversary with a lot of events and parties. Nanoscribe congratulates its hometown with a very special present: Miniatures of Karlsruhe´s most famous sights. The Karlsruhe castle was printed on the micrometer scale by means of the Photonic Professional GT. After printing it has been sputter coated with a thin layer of gold to achieve the shiny appeal. All details of the former residence of the margrave Karl Wilhelm von Baden can now be discovered on the impressive scale of 1:16,800!Schloss auf grau-english.jpg

3D model: By courtesy of the "Liegenschaftsamt Karlsruhe". Dimensions of the 3D printed golden castle: 10 mm in length, 2.5 mm in height and 6 mm in depth.