High-Resolution 3D Printing at Stanford University

August 7,2017

The Stanford "Symposium on Direct Write, Optical, Ion and Electron Beam Lithography" hosted by our customer Stanford Nanofabrication Facility was a great success. Nanoscribe participated together with Heidelberg Instruments, Raith, Zeiss, and Alvéole as outstanding experts in the field of micro- and nanofabrication. Nanoscribe contributed to the fruitful discussions with two talks. It was a vibrant exchange of ideas and interaction with the lithography community.

Recently, the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility boosted its capabilities with Nanoscribe’s 3D printer Photonic Professional GT. The facility serves for academic and governmental research as well as for industrial projects with a 10,000 square feet cleanroom. Their users work in multiple disciplines ranging from optics and physics to MEMS and biology building a strong community of nano- and microfabrication experts with an access to the latest and most powerful tools.

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