Microfabrication solutions by 3D printing

February 12,2018

Three-dimensional fluorescent safety features. (a) 3D reconstruction from slices with a confocal fluorescence laser microscope. (b) Individual z-slices of the structure in (a) for different structure depths.

Highest precision combined with enormous design freedom and short production time – these are the clear advantages of 3D micro printing. Read in this issue of the magazine Laser + Photonics how additive microfabrication has now been established in serial manufacturing.

The article illustrates applications of 3D printed structures in the fields of photonics, plasmonics, and optics – with examples of 2.5D and 3D printed security features, amongst others.

Read the article for free here: Laser + Photonics – Microfabrication solutions by 3D printing

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