MNE18: Talks on High-Resolution and In-Chip 3D Microprinting

September 18,2018

This year’s International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE) will be hosted in the city of Copenhagen. On September 24-27, 2018, engineers and scientists from life sciences, electronics, photonics, to materials engineering and MEMS will gather at the 44th edition of the MNE. Within the scientific program, presentations from our customers will tackle new manufacturing strategies for applications ranging from photonic colors, to microfluidic devices and mesoscale fabrication.

Professor Joel Yang from the Singapore University of Technology and Design will give an invited talk about ‘2D and 3D structural color printing’. His team uses Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional GT 3D printer to fabricate high-resolution structures that exhibit a range of structural colors. In this talk, he will also present a new method to 3D print suspended nanowebs with sub-10-nm structure dimensions.

Inspired by the natural production of spider silk fibers, Jonas Lölsberg from the RWTH Aachen University will introduce a promising microfluidic technique to produce the finest artificial filaments. Using Nanoscribe’s system, he developed a microfluidic channel system with an embedded spinneret fabricated directly inside the bonded microfluidic chip. The spinneret nozzle extrudes single fibers of a few micrometers in diameter, resembling the size of the natural spider silk and establishing a new technique of wet-spinning.

Visit us at our Booth
Nanoscribe’s team will participate at the MNE conference and looks forward to welcoming visitors at booth number 3. We will present 3D microprinting possibilities to fabricate components directly on photonic integrated circuits and MEMS systems.

A detailed list of talks summarizes this year’s customer presentations and is available here: MNE 2018 Nanoscribe Talk List

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