Nanoscribe Presents 3D Printed Diffractive Optical Elements at Photonics West 2019

January 30,2019

A laser beam is diffracted by a 3D printed diffractive optical element. As a result, the precision pattern of the USAF Chart can be seen here.

At the prestigious SPIE Photonics West 2019, Nanoscribe showcases additively manufactured multi-level diffractive optical elements (DOEs). The DOEs are fabricated by means of the new Photonic Professional GT2 3D printer, taking advantage of a straightforward workflow designed for printing DOEs. Drop by at our booth #366 (South Hall) to see 3D printed DOEs in action.

Nanoscribe’s 3D printers provide a well-thought-out workflow to produce the complex and precise arrangement of DOE microstructures at highest resolution. The workflow comprises a DOE import tool, a software recipe for print preparation and ultra-precise 3D printing of DOEs. Thus, the printer software processes high-resolution DOE designs in a similar manner as the well-established STL import of 3D models. Starting from the DOE design, the 3D printer fabricates an optimized microrelief pattern with the help of the DOE software recipe.

Owing to their thin microstructures, DOEs transform the profile of laser beams into almost arbitrary light distributions in the far field. They drive applications in science and industry, ranging from optical measuring systems, material processing to security labels. The 3D printed DOEs can be used directly for beam shaping, -homogenizing or -splitting. They are also suitable as polymer masters for post-print processes in serial replication.

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