New Book Publication: Optofluidics

January 15,2019

The recently published textbook “Optofluidics” (Rabus, Rebner, Sada) introduces the reader into the multidisciplinary area of optofluidics which combines optical elements into microfluidic devices. The book offers the foundations in photonics, polymer physics and process analytics. Nanoscribe happily provided the cover image: an extremely filigree microfluidic nozzle, fabricated with one of our high resolution 3D printers.

In recent years, nano- and microfluidics research has attracted more and more attention due to its potential applications in biotechnology, medicine, and even nano-optics. One of the researchers’ goals is the integration of nanofluidic elements into microfluidic designs, for example for lab-on-a-chip applications or other diagnostic and screening techniques. However, limited by the capability of standard 2D fabrication technologies, these integrated systems have so far been hardly investigated experimentally.

By using Nanoscribe’s 3D laser lithography system Photonic Professional GT2 the fabrication of 3D microstructures and nanostructures is now feasible, e.g., filtration systems, stirrers, microfluidic mixers, valves or optical elements for lab-on-a-chip systems. They allow the precise control and manipulation of liquids in very small volumes, which is the essence of microfluidics. The additive fabrication approach overcomes technical challenges such as high aspect ratios or high surface to volume ratios.

Get more information on the book here: De Gruyter: Optofluidics

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