New: Photonic Professional GT2 for High-Resolution 3D Microfabrication

December 4,2018

With the successor model Photonic Professional GT2, Nanoscribe offers new solutions for additive manufacturing and maskless lithography. Thanks to optimized hardware and software components as well as IP-Q printing material especially developed for larger volumes, high-resolution microstructures up to a height of 8 mm can now be produced for the first time. While Nanoscribe devices have always been optimally suited to the additive production of the finest structures, objects with submicrometer details from typically 160 nanometers up to the millimeter range on an area of up to 100x100 mm² can now be produced in a very short time.

Depending on the desired size and resolution, users can choose from sets of objectives, substrates, materials, and automated processes tailored to their applications. The user-friendly 3D printing workflow enables the fabrication of individual elements with maximum shape accuracy and surface smoothness, meeting the requirements for microlenses in the smartphone industry or filigree scaffold structures in cell biology. Likewise, high-precision masters can be produced for shaping processes in series production on a scale that cannot be achieved with other additive processes.

"The extension of the maximum print volumes toward the macroscale was a great wish of our customers and project partners from industry," says Nanoscribe CEO Martin Hermatschweiler. "With this relaunch of our extremely successful generation of Photonic Professional devices, we have now succeeded in overcoming previous physical limitations and increasing the performance of the devices by a factor of up to 10 in terms of productivity and speed," adds Hermatschweiler.

Learn more about the Photonic Professional GT2 here.

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