Pioneer in High-Precision Additive Manufacturing

February 20,2018

Shedding light on history: In remembrance of the pioneering work of Prof. Satoshi Kawata at Osaka University, we re-printed a bull that served as a benchmark object in 2001 in Nature. The development of ultra-high speed 3D printing by galvo-scanning allows our customers, e.g., to also scale objects up by typically 1,000 times while simultaneously preserve the accuracy.

Nanoscribe was founded exactly 10 years after a Japanese group at Osaka University demonstrated two-photon polymerization (2PP) experimentally for the first time in 1997.

Huge progress has been made technically in the course of the last 10 years since company foundation. In one aspect however, little has changed: As first company to make 2PP available as user-friendly tool for additive manufacturing, we carry a special heritage. It imposes a promise that we - as pioneer - will continue to lead the market and develop complete solutions in order to serve our customers in science and industry.

The scaled up bull with sharply tuned contours reveals a few of the technical milestones of the past 10 years: Dip-in Laser Lithography (DiLL), Galvo Technology (GT), our 2PP optimized resins as well as smart software features with embedded recipes that form an integral solution. This enables our customers to materialize groundbreaking ideas.


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