Establishment of a Subsidiary in China

August 30,2018

With the establishment of Nanoscribe China Co. Ltd., Nanoscribe strives to strengthen its sales activities in China, reinforce existing business relationships, and further expand customer services across the entire APAC region. Our CEO Martin Hermatschweiler is happy that the company was able to find a state-of-the-art location with sufficient space to accommodate growth in the facilities of Carl ZEISS AG in Shanghai. He sees great demands in China for nano- and microfabrication, both academically and with respect to the industry. “Thanks to the technological competence, excellent network and intercultural background of our Chinese subsidiary's General Manager, Dr. Wanyin Cui, as well as the new on-site representation, we look forward to expanding our business in this rapidly growing market. Additionally, we will intensify our customer service in this region with a team led by our experienced Service Manager Johannes Konrad”, Hermatschweiler notes.

A detailed press release can be found here.

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