News and Reviews (February 2016)

Lens Mounts for Micro-Optics


When assembling miniaturized optical systems, it is often necessary to place micro-optical elements such as single lenses or lens arrays above sensors or light-emitting devices at a specific distance. In the prototype phase within the product development process, it is not clear a priori what the practical configuration of the micro-optical system will look like to enable optimum performance of the final product.

For quick design iterations, developers therefore need rapid prototyping technologies to fabricate micro-parts, such as lens holders or mounts for miniaturized optical systems. Due to the trend of miniaturization, most of today's standard rapid prototyping technologies do not provide the high resolution and minimum feature size that are necessary to fabricate micro-parts. However, this usage scenario is the ideal environment for the Photonic Professional GT. It gives product developers access to the highest-resolution additive manufacturing technology available today with layer thicknesses and feature sizes below 1 µm. Providing a much better resolution than micro-stereolithography, the Photonic Professional GT enables design freedom and quick design iteration cycles at a scale relevant for many applications in micro-system technologies.