News and Reviews (Jan 2019)

IP-Q Photoresin Expands Range of Materials

Nanoscribe IP Photoresins.jpgWith the new Photonic Professional GT2, we also introduce the new IP-Q resin for fast mesoscale fabrication. IP-Q enables the fabrication of object volumes up to several 10s of mm³ with micrometer precision. Thus, additive manufacturing based on two-photon polymerization provides also high precision, and speed to print mesoscale parts with millimeter dimensions. The advantages of 3D microprinting for millimeter scale parts include cost-effective rapid prototyping of complex structures and small series production.

This new addition to the IP Photoresins expands the resin options suitable for different requirements, such as submicron features, overhanging elements, optical-quality surfaces or high-speed mesoscale fabrication up to the macroscale. The Photonic Professional GT2 printers work as open materials systems for a broad range of materials. IP Resins are exclusively designed and optimized for two-photon polymerization and their use with the Nanoscribe’s 3D printers.

Some applications require other materials that cannot be printed directly by two-photon polymerization. For these cases, post-print processes allow to modify the 3D polymer printed parts to reach other polymers such as PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane), ceramics, metals, or glass.

Read more about materials for high-precision 3D printing and post-print processes in our Materials Overview.