News and Reviews (July 2013)

NanoWrite 1.7


PerfectShape® increases writing speed

NanoWrite is the graphical user interface for controlling and monitoring all aspects of our Photonic Professional laser lithography systems. In early June, we released NanoWrite 1.7 to our ­customers.
The most prominent new feature in this upgrade is the PerfectShape exposure mode which increases average writing speeds and simplifies the writing process. During exposure, the photo-sensitive sample is moved rela­tive to the laser focus by a high-resolution three-axis piezo stage. Due to Newton’s Third Law, the inertia of the moving mass and the maximum force that can be generated by the piezo actors limit the minimum radius of curvature of the motion trajectory at a given speed.
In previous versions, NanoWrite drove the piezo stage at constant speed and the operator had to determine the appropriate speed for achieving sharp corners through experimentation. In NanoWrite 1.7, PerfectShape calculates the optimum velocity profile based on a physical model of the piezo stage. During exposure, it uses lower speeds to traverse corners and higher speeds for straight segments of the trajectory. In addition, NanoWrite dynamically adapts the laser power to the current speed in order to maintain a constant width of exposed lines.
After PerfectShape has completed its fully automated calibration routine, the system operator only has to set the laser power for a certain reference speed. Selecting one of the pre-­defined PerfectShape configurations then determines the inevitable trade-off between speed and accuracy. It is no longer necessary to determine the appropriate scanning speed for a given trajectory by experimentation. Therefore, PerfectShape simplifies the whole writing process and in many cases significantly reduces the writing time, all via a software-only upgrade and no further investments in hardware.
Besides the new PerfectShape implementation, NanoWrite 1.7 also improves the loading time for large and complex input files. We added configuration options for fine-tuning the autofocus system for speed and accuracy. The WriteText command is now capable of including values of GWL variables in the output, making it much easier to properly label your written structures, especially when conducting loop-based parameter sweeps. Finally, we added a one-click button for generating a comprehensive service report that will make it easier for our service team to diagnose any problems encountered during operation of the system.
Coinciding with NanoWrite 1.7, we also released DeScribe 2.0.1 with a few bug fixes and support for the newly introduced GWL commands.

Our service team will be happy to assist you with upgrading to NanoWrite 1.7 and DeScribe 2.0.1.


NanoWrite 1.7 includes the new PerfectShape® feature which increases the average writing speed and simplifies the writing process.