News and Reviews (June 2017)

Surface Definition as a Function of Slicing Settings

Unlike other 3D printing technologies, layer thickness and thus the resulting surface roughness is just a question of the right set of parameters. Our software allows the user full control of all printing parameters, especially the slicing distance which can be set as a variable. Smart software features ease and ensure best results even for complex geometries. The print job editor DeScribe furthermore provides a photorealistic preview of the print progress. As a solution provider, we offer a complete package appropriate for all user requirements: Best-in-class focusing optics, specifically designed 2PP resins and process-optimized recipes.

DodgeBlue_WhiteSmoke_DimGray_Verdana19 (002).jpg

The image illustrates the effect of coarse versus finely tuned slicing settings of a quarter of a 40 µm high cone. At 4 µm slicing distance, steps are clearly visible. The finer the object is sliced, the more the surface smoothens until the ripples completely disappear. It is the user’s decision to optimize print time versus surface smoothness and resolution - with surface finishes up to optical quality.