News and Reviews (May 2014)

Development of New Materials

3D printing opens fascinating new dimensions in the fabrication on the micrometer scale as Jens Bauer in his article describes and as an extensive coverage in the media proves. Additionally to the creation of new materials by learning from nature – strong as steel, but lighter than water – also the fabrication of so-called mechanical metamaterials gets more and more interesting. Their precise shape, size, orientation and arrangement can affect sound waves in an unconventional manner, which are unachievable with conventional materials. In 2012, researchers of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have succeeded in realizing a new material class through the manufacturing of a stable crystalline metafluid, a pentamode metamaterial.*

A valuable tool for solving both of these challenges was Nanoscribe´s Photonic Professional system. Based on the technology of two photon-polymerization, it allows novel manufacturing processes for tailored material properties.

* Applied Physics Letters 100, 191901 (2012)