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May 2018

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News & Reviews: Innovation of Manufacturing Processes by 3D Micro-Printing
Nanoscribe Newsletter
This issue of our newsletter contains the latest advances on how 3D µ-printing gains ground in the production of diffractive optics, integrated photonics, biomimicking models for drug screening and MEMS actuated devices. As shown in these examples, additive manufacturing is more and more improving present design iteration as well as manufacturing processes. Hence, experts in science and industry are convinced, that additive manufacturing is currently in the transition from prototyping to production.

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At Boston University Professor Alice White and her team demonstrated the actuation of a 3D printed microstructure by using micro-electromechanical systems. They fabricated 3D bowtie-like structures directly on MEMS actuators and were able to deform their geometry. Potential applications involve deformable optics and cell scaffolds. More
“Using our Nanoscribe system we have 3D printed microstructures directly on MEMS actuators to perform precision measurements and dynamic control in a straightforward and cost-effective way.” Prof. Alice White, Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Boston University

Scientists at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Pontedera created the first realistic model mimicking the blood-brain barrier. They used their Nanoscribe’s 3D printer for the fabrication of an artificial tubular scaffold and cultivated endothelial cells forming a biological barrier around it. The device will pave the way of future drug screening. More

Diffractive optical elements are a great challenge in microfabrication. They have complex relief structures and feature sizes at the scale of the wavelength of light. Nanoscribe’s 3D printers are capable to fabricate DOEs in one printing step. They offer the resolution required for diffractive optics and tools to handle DOE designs in a similar way as the print preparation of 3D models. More

A wide variety of applications in optical communication, medical imaging, environmental sensing and autonomous driving benefits from photonic integration. Nanoscribe’s two-photon-polymerization based 3D microprinters allow for the fabrication of micro-optics and photonic devices directly on pre-structured chips. Find application examples in our new section: “Integrated Photonics”. More
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Two Awards Honoring Nanoscribe´s Technology

Together with the Institute of Nanotechnology and the Innovation- and Relations-Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Nanoscribe won the DPG Award for successful transfer of scientific research into commercial products.

The Best Paper Award was announced at Photonics West in in San Francisco. The jury acknowledged Nanoscribe as “3D tool manufacturer that has pushed the limits of printing photonics”.

On 6th of April the official first cut of the spade took place at the KIT Campus North near Karlsruhe (Germany) and laid the foundation for a €30 million project. Nanoscribe looks forward to move into its new premises in the ZEISS Innovation Hub by the end of 2019. More
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