News and Reviews (November 2014)

Visit of HeKKSaGOn

In September, about 20 attendees of the HeKKSaGOn Summer School visited Nanoscribe during their Campus North tour at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
The group consisting of research scientists and students of Japanese and German universities  was  very interested in our direct laser writing technology and impressed by the highest resolution structures one is enabled to manufacture with Photonic Professional systems.

The Japanese-German network HeKKSaGOn aims at interdisciplinary and international cooperation in research as well as open and free exchange of knowledge. Talented doctoral students are to be inspired by giving them the opportunity to meet with scientists who have succeeded in “creating new cross-disciplinary breakthroughs in science”.

HeKKSaGOn.jpgAttendees of the HeKKSaGOn Summer School on lab tour at Nanoscribe