News and Reviews (November 2014)

Website Relaunch

New design, optimized search, and impressive gallery of applications

The most important features of a new website are an appealing design, easy user guidance, and concise features that make a first good impression. Taking this into account, Nanoscribe relaunched its website and presents in a new and modern layout.

Major new features are the tag function for an optimized keyword search, closer links to social media platforms, and a detailed image gallery with many impressive examples of applications in industry and science. Due to its short descriptions, technical diagrams, and valuable background information, the new website is suitable both for those new to the field of 3D laser lithography as well as experts. Almost all contents of the new website are available in German and English; some pages are also translated into Chinese and Japanese.


A functional, modern design with key information and impressive pictures says more than a thousand words.


You can easily find concise and clearly represented details about products and materials as well as technical information about additive manufacturing, maskless lithography, and writing processes.


There are two user bars (one at the top and one on the right) for easy and intuitive navigation. The documents relating to these pages are available here for download (e.g. data sheets).


Images, articles, and related information are linked by means of the “tag system.” On every page you can find keywords (tags) linking to a continuing page. This feature is very valuable for easy navigation and fast searching.


The new  gallery of applications is one of the most eye-catching updates. The image gallery emphasizes both the multitude of applications of our 3D printers and the innovative capacity of our customers. Application categories like positive tone resist patterns, photonics, micro-optics, microfluidics, micro rapid prototyping, mechanical micro-structures or cell scaffolds and biomimetics are enriched by various pictures with related information and links to scientific publications.


In the section “Media/Press,” you will find the latest news and all relevant information ranging from press releases, company news, and scientific articles to newsletters and image downloads. To date our customers have already published 32 scientific papers in 2014 referring to their research results by using Nanoscribe´s laser lithography systems! At all times you can see here the current status of Facebook-“Likes”, and with only one click you will be forwarded to our YouTube or Facebook pages.