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Nanoscribe is Winner of Prism Award

February 6, 2014

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Prism Award WinnerThe winners of the 2014 Prism Awards were announced in San Francisco (USA) during the SPIEPhotonics West exhibition tonight. Nanoscribe´s 3D printer Photonic Professional GT was awarded for the most innovative product in the category ”Advanced Manufacturing”. The unrivaled 3D laser lithography system, introduced in the spring of 2013, convinced the jury of its excellent performance, accuracy and tremendous speed-up for the fabrication of nano- and microstructures.

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As an enabler for true submicron resolution, Nanoscribe´s Photonic Professional GT transfers the benefits of 3D printing to the micrometer scale. Two-photon polymerization in combination with pivoted galvo mirrors is implemented into a commercially available lithography system for the first time and in unprecedented quality. It allows both additive as well as subtractive manufacturing of polymers on a broad range of substrates and materials. Complex structures with feature sizes down to 160 nm can be realized on a writing area of up to 100 x 100 mm². The manufacturing of micro-sized parts has many applications in fields like optics, medicine, fluidics, electronics or mechanics. "I am very proud due to the industry-wide recognition of this award of photonics," says CEO Martin Hermatschweiler. “Nanoscribe is a German spin-off company from an academic research group of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and our typical customers are research institutes and universities distributed all over the world. Being honored with this award for an innovative product we are convinced that this 3D printing technology will also provide solutions for a broad range of industrial applications. The Prism Award will help us to achieve greater visibility and to get our name known by important decision-makers.” The Prism Awards are an annual competition recognizing new products and  inventions in the field of photonics that break with conventional ideas, solve problems, improve life, and are newly available on the market. Each of the nine categories in 2014 is meant to isolate a specific contribution in photonics, in a technology area or sector of the industry. The awards have seen companies worldwide be subjected to an international jury of distinguished researchers, academic luminaries, venture capitalists and captains of business.

Description of the photo: Prism Award Winners: Michael Thiel, Martin Hermatschweiler, Martin Wegener, Wanyin Cui (from left to right, Nanoscribe)

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