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Following you will find an extract of highlighted press reports and articles in technology-driven journals.


Commercial Micro Manufacturing Magazine, 2016-11-28
CMM Magazine - Front Cover

Additive Manufacturing AMazing, 2016-11-15
Nanoscribe - New Standard for the Fabrication of Nozzles

Optik & Photonik, 2016-11-02
3D Printers for the Fabrication of Micro-Optical Elements, 2016-10-07
Nanoscribe Welcomes Japanese University Leaders to Conference with the Tiniest 3D Printed Pyramid Ever

Maschinenmarkt, 2016-10-05
Karlsruher Pyramide im Mikroformat

SPIE, 2016-10-05
Best Paper Awards

Electro Optics, 2016-10-04
Building lenses layer-by-layer, 2016-09-20
Un endoscope fin comme un cheveu? C'est possible!

Indienaktuell, 2016-09-07
Stallwächterparty 2016: Mikroskopisch kleines Taj Mahal, 2016-08-28
Plasmonics: Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT 3D Printer Allows for Innovative Solutions, 2016-08-24
3D Laser Technology Designs Microscopy Tips at Nanoscale, 2016-07-12
The Best and Most Unique 3D Printer Materials: Photopolymer Edition, 2016-07-11
Nanoscribe Holds US User Meeting, 2016-07-06
Nanoscribe Holds First-Ever User Meeting in US at Harvard University

Materialsgate, 2016-06-30
3D Druck ermöglicht kleinste komplexe Mikro-Objektive, 2016-06-28
3D printing enables the smallest complex micro-objectives

Stuttgarter Zeitung, 2016-06-30
Miniobjektiv passt in ein Samenkorn

SingularityHUB, 2016-06-28
Smart Dust Is Coming: New Camera Is the Size of a Grain of Salt

Helmholtz Gemeinschaft, 2016-05-13
3D-Druck für Klitzekleines

Gartner Blog, 2016-05-12
From Nano to Massive to Bio: Gartner's Cool Vendors in 3D Printing 2016, 2016-04-26
German Researchers Develop 3D Printing Technique Capable of Printing Micron-Scale Optics, 2016-04-20
3D laser printing yields high quality micro-optics

Photonics Spectra, 2016-04-05
Advances Add Up For 3D Printing, 2016-04-13
Nanoscribe - Benefits of Additive Manufacturing for 2D and 2.5D Fabrication, 2016-03-02
Optikhalterungen für mikrooptische Systeme

ELE Times, 2016-03-03
Additive Manufacturing of Lens Mounts for Micro-Optics

A&D Magazin, 2016-02-16
Unfruchtbar? Antrieb ausdrucken!

Developmentscout, 2016-02-09
3D gedruckte Mikromotoren schaffen Abhilfe bei Unfruchtbarkeit

3D Today, 2016-02-09
Вокруг света с 3Dtoday: спермоботы, первый имплантированный орган и другие новости недели!

3D fab+print, 2016-02-09
Nanoscribe wins World Technology Award 2015

3D Printing Industry, 2016-02-08
Resistance is Fertile: 3D Printed Spermbots Give Sperm Bionic Accuracy 

Futurism, 2016-02-06
Scientists Create World's Smallest Lattice Structure, 2016-02-05
Could 3D Printed "Spermbots" Help Solve Male Infertility? 

IHS Electronics 360, 2016-01-21
3D Printing Advances Offset Yesterday's Barriers, 2016-01-21
Nanoscribe is Winner of World Technology Award 2015

Laser & Photonics, 2016-01
3D laser lithography in the biosciences

Laser & Photonics, 2016-01
Replicated micro structures based on two-photon lithography


Mikroproduktion, 2015-11-01
Durchbruch in der additiven Mikrofertigung

3ders, 2015-11-30
Nanoscribe 3D printers used by five of top ten universities in the world

3D Grenzenlos, 2015-11-23
Chinesischer Staatspräsident von Möglichkeiten des 3D-Drucks begeistert

Physics World, 2015-11-20
Tiny gifts for world leaders, Hubble's birthday and more, 2015-11-19
Chinese President Receives a Microscopic 3D Printed Great Wall of China 

Industrial Laser Solutions, 2015-11-11
Additive manufacturing as new standard in microfabrication

Imperial College London, 2015-11-09
New 3D printing tech empowers surgeons at a nano scale

EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Additive Manufacturing
Lab Facilities

Hamlyn Center EPSRC Micro-Engineering Facility for Medical Robotics, 2015-09-27
Passive Micromanipulator by Two-Photon Polymerization

CETAL Center for Advanced Laser Technologies, 2015-09-25
3D Laser Lithography

B-Phot. 2015-08-27
3D Laser Lithography (Two-Photon Photopolymerization)

UCD Centre for Biomedical Engineering, 2015-08-25
UCD Center for Biomedical Engineering - Industrial Seminar

Plastics Engineering Blog, 2015-07-30
Beyond Micro: Nano Injection Molding Is Finally Commercial

Institute of Microeletronics Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2015-07-21
德国Nanoscribe公司CEO Martin Hermatschweiler来微电子所访问交流, 2015-07-20
Installation of a Nanoscribe 3D printer at the Swiss BRNC Center 

Photonics BW Journal inFocus, 2015-06
Nanoscribe GmbH - Groß im 3D Druck auf der Mikrometerskala

DEVELOP3D, 2015-06-16
Hat trick of amazing new machines froms core of Nottingham University's 3D printing research

TCT Magazine, 2015-06-15
University of Notthingham unveils new 3D printing research lab

Laser Technik Journal, 2015-06-11
Two-Photon Polymerization - A Versatile Microfabrication Tool 

Physics Connect, 2015-06-11
Nanoscribe in the finals of the German Founders' Award

Elektronikpraxis, 2015-06-09
Einsatz von 3D-Druckern in der Mikrointegration

Global People Daily News, 2015-05-31
KIT Spinoffs in the Final of the Competition for the Deutscher Gründerpreis 

3D-Laserlithografie in den Biowissenschaften

third DIMENSIONS magazine, 2015-04-02
Kleiner geht (fast) nicht

Werkstoffe in der Fertigung, 2015-03-16
Höchste Präzision im 3D Druck

Mikroproduktion, 2015-03-16
3D-gedruckte Oberflächen in optischer Qualität

developmentscout, 2015-03-13
Bisher unerreichte Präzision im 3D Druck soll Standard werden 

Electro Optics, 2015-03-03
Photonic Professional GT 3D printer

3D Printing Industry, 2015-03-03
Inside 3D Printing Heads to Berlin for Round 2

Micro manufacturing, 2015-03-02
Nanoscribe offers complete microfabrication solution, 2015-03-01
Nanoscribe brings maximum precision to 3D printing of microfabrication

Photonics, 2015-02-27
3-D Printer Extension Set

AutoCAD & Inventor Magazin, 2015-02-26
Mikrofabrikation: Höchste Präzision im 3D-Druck

MIT Technology Review, 2015-02-23
Nano-Architecture - A Caltech scientist creates tiny lattices with enormous potential.MIT Technology Review

Fabbaloo, 2015-01-09
Nanoscribe’s Nano-Scale 3D Printing Technology, 2015-01-08
Research and Markets: Global Healthcare 3D Printing Market 2015-2019 with 3D Systems, Envisiontec, EOS, Materialise & Nanoscribe

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Katalog Kunststoffverarbeitung in Deutschland, 2014-09-14


CMM Magazine, 2014-04-09

3D Printing Industry, 2014-03-14

zesmall factory, 2014-03-13

Laser Magazin, 2014-03-01

Europhotonics, 2014-03-01

Photonics Spectra, 2014-03-01
Prism Awards honor innovations in photonics, 2014-02-11

News Analytik, 2014-02-10

ITespresso, 2014-02-08

Nanotech Now, 2014-02-07

Photonicsonline, 2014-02-06

Arstechnica, 2014-02-03

Nanotechnologie Aktuell, 2014-01, 2014-01-11


Laser + Photonik, 2013-12-03
3D Druck von polymeren Lichtwellenleitern
Laser Technik Journal, 4/2013
3D-Druck erobert die Mikroskala
German Center for Research and Innovation New York, July 2013
3D Printing - A Manufacturing Revolution
MICROmanufacturing, 2013-03-31
3D printers making more products
Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 2013-03-04
3D Drucken auf der Mikrometerskala in höchster Auflösung
Photonics West Show Daily, 2013-02-05
3D Laser Nanoprinting: Now 100 Times Faster


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Writing with the laser pen


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