Software solutions for Photonic Professional systems

Nanoscribe's software tools make the complete 3D printing workflow with Photonic Professional systems easy. With the standard 3D printing workflow, users can easily transform CAD models into physical 3D printed parts with submicron precision.

DeScribe - print job preparation in a few minutes

DeScribe is the print preparation software of the Photonic Professional 3D printers. It imports a 3D model in STL format - the widely used file format for 3D printing - and displays a 3D preview of the design. With DeScribe the preparation of print jobs takes just a few minutes.

The user can start the print job preparation with an STL design and a recipe. A recipe is a set of writing parameters such as layer spacing or print speed. Nanoscribe's optimized recipes for filigree structures or mesoscale fabrication are at hand with one single mouse-click.

Experts can program job scripts manually using DeScribe.

Key Features
 3D Print Simulation in DeScribe

NanoWrite - automated print job execution

NanoWrite is the graphical user interface of the Photonic Professional 3D printers. It executes the print jobs generated by DeScribe in a few steps. NanoWrite controls the printer hardware and parameters of the printing process, for example, the position of the stages, galvo scanning speed and laser power.

Key Features
  • User-friendly operation of the Photonic Professional systems
  • Fully automated execution of the print jobs
  • Automated calibration for repeatable printing results
  • Control of laser exposure dose, laser focus trajectory and velocity for high spatial precision
  • Live camera view of the printing process
  • Automated interface detection with submicron precision for finding the build surface
  • One-click service report

 Real-time video of the printing process
 in NanoWrite


3D printing workflow

Nanoscribe offers software solutions with reliable tools and efficient processes for high resolution 3D printing. The software tools DeScribe and NanoWrite enhance the productivity and reliability in every step of the 3D printing workflow. They make working with the Photonic Professional GT2 a straightforward task.

Nanoscribe 3D Printing Workflow