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Photonic Professional GT

High Speed 3D Micro- and Nanoprinting

The new generation of Nanoscribe´s 3D laser lithography systems, Photonic Professional GT, provides a fast and powerful platform for micro- and nanofabrication demands up to the third dimension. Almost arbitrarily complex shaped polymer structures with finest feature sizes in the sub-micrometer range are achieved by means of two-photon polymerization. A tremendous speed-up of the writing process is driven by an embedded ultra-high precision galvo technology, which laterally deflects the laser focus position by use of a galvanic mirror system. Thus, the fabrication of large area 3D micro- and nanostructures is now feasible in shortest time. In addition to rapid x-y-beam-scanning, a piezoelectric scanning stage provides ultra-precise x-y-z-movements of the substrate relative to the laser focus position - a proven feature retained from the Photonic Professional basic unit. Speed, precision and extraordinary resolution prove these 3D printers to serve as disruptive enablers for novel applications. The table-top laser lithography systems are fully automated. An intuitive, user-friendly software as integral part of an innovative workflow eases demanding tasks and secures their successful completion. Structures can either be designed in 3D printer compatible CAD software programs or directly implemented in Nanoscribe´s GWL scripting language.

Key Features

World's Fastest 3D Printer for the Microscale


The galvo technology accelerates the layer printing process by two orders of magnitude for typical structural designs. This speed advantage literally turns minutes into seconds!

Photonic Professional GT is the world’s fastest commercially available high-resolution 3D printer based on more than 10 years of experience at the frontier in laser lithography.



Highest Precision & Resolution

To ensure the high precision of Nanoscribe’s direct laser writing (DLW) process even at high writing speeds, an accurate coordination of beam deflection, sample movement and laser intensity modulation must be secured - at all times during the writing process! A sophisticated control system consisting of matched optics, electronics and software has been developed in close collaboration with Nanoscribe’s suppliers.

Large Areas & Tall Structures

The galvo technology is an essential ingredient to speed up 3D micro- and nanofabrication. In order to make structures large-area, it additionally needs a sophisticated stitching of adjacent tiles. This is ensured by high-precision stages as well as a patented autofocus function. In order to make structures tall, DiLL completes the recipe with unrivaled resolution.



Multitude of Applications...

... at Home in Pioneering Labs!

Nanoscribe's galvo technology paves the way for novel applications with printing areas up to the centimeter range. Of course, all established applications of standard Photonic Professional systems are preserved!


A growing user community of global leading research institutes values Photonic Professional systems for solving pioneering scientific challenges.

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