Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT2Photonic Professional GT2 3D printer

The successor model of Nanoscribe’s well-established 3D printers shifts the 3D microprinting capabilities toward the macroscale. The 3D printers thus provide a powerful platform for rapid nano-, micro-, and mesoscale fabrication. Read More »

Nanoscribe SoftwareSoftware and workflow

You can rapidly print polymer parts in 3D design with reliable software tools, following a straightforward workflow. The DeScribe printer software prepares the print job with optimized parameters. Based on this data, the NanoWrite software executes the printing process according to the designed job. Read More »

Nanoscribe IP PhotoresinsIP Photoresins

Nanoscribe’s product line of IP Photoresins is optimized for the process of two-photon polymerization. These negative-tone resins provide highest resolution, shape accuracy and application tailored properties as well as easy handling. Read More »