High Precision 3D Printing Solutions

Nanoscribe sets new benchmarks for microfabrication. Our integral approach combines a disruptive 3D printing technology with user-friendly software and innovative materials leading to reproducible and lean processes. Our customers are innovators. They overcome prevailing technological barriers and serve a broad spectrum of applications in science and in emerging industrial markets.


PP_GT.jpgHighest Precision 3D Printer

Photonic Professional GT printers provide submicrometer features with optical quality surface finishes, as well as easy and fast fabrication along the 3D printing workflow. This has made the award-winning solution an indispensable tool for innovators in more than 30 countries. Read more »

IP_Photoresists.jpg2PP Resins

Our series of negative-tone resins is designed for the various demands of ultra-high precision 3D printing. Two-photon polymerization (2PP) optimized materials, simplicity of use combined with tested process parameters and software recipes secure highest user satisfaction.
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The versatility of our 3D printers, our solution based integral approach including software and materials drive a multitude of applications in academia and pioneering industry. Our products enable unprecedented solutions and disruptions in numerous key technologies. Examples of such are optics & photonics, life sciences & biomedical, microfluidics, and MEMS. Objects are printed as individuals, on research scale up to small series production or fabrication of molds as masters for mass replication. Read more »



Additive Manufacturing

Based on two-photon polymerization (2PP), our printers allow for additive manufacturing and maskless lithography with the same device. Submicrometer resolution 3D printing with feature sizes down to 200 nm and optical quality surface finishes are characteristic key features. Read more »

mask-lith.jpgMaskless Lithography

Multiphoton absorption allows for thin- and thick-film processing of negative and positive tone photoresists. The resolution and speed of our printers position them as an alternative to electron beam lithography for relaxed resolution requirements. Read more »


The Institute of Nanotechnology, the Innovation- and Relations-Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of ... Read more »
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Highest precision combined with enormous design freedom and short production time – these are the clear ... Read more »


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