IP Photoresists

To enable the maximum performance of our systems we supply a product line-up of special tailored IP photoresists. These negative-tone photoresists assure highest resolution combined with simplicity of use and are optimized for the process of multiphoton polymerization. The IP photoresists are exclusively available to users of the Nanoscribe systems.

Key Features:

IP Photoresists
  • Easy handling by drop-casting of the photoresists
  • No post-exposure bake necessary
  • Good adhesion to various substrates
  • Low mechanical stress
  • High mechanical stability
  • Optimized sensitivity for fast 3D structuring
  • Feature sizes down to 200 nm in standard processes, 150 nm typically achievable


IP Photoresists Overview







Index-matched resist formula to serve as immersion and photosensitive material

Liquid No / No High Medium

IP-L 780

Highest-resolution resist formula

Liquid No / No High Low

IP-G 780

High-viscosity resist for complex 3D writing trajectories

Sol-gel Yes / No High Low


Index-matched medium-resolution resist for smooth surfaces and fast structuring of large 3D parts

Liquid No / No Medium Low